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 Training Day Gym Clayton

24 Hour Gym & Training Facility Located in Clayton

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2055 Princes Hwy, Clayton VIC 3168
Ph: 03 9562 7511

OPEN  24 / 7

Mon - Thu: 7:30am to 9:30pm
Fri: 7:30am to 8:30pm
Sat & Sun: 8am to 5pm
State Public Holidays: 10am to 3pm
National Public Holidays: Unstaffed




From monkey bars, to ropes, farmers walks and sleds; all your functional and performance training needs have been covered. Your training should never be boring, so get off the stationary bike and have a bit of fun in these areas.


Rogue cages, calibrated steel plates, power bars, deadlift bars, GHRs and a whole lot of chalk; hell, we even got some Eleiko bars! We're packed with over 15 squatting stations at our Clayton branch; we'll let that speak for itself.


Tons of flooring had to be laid down to prepare our platforms for what your weight are about to do them! With facilities catering to both Weightlifting & Powerilfting; these areas will be loud and PB's will be broken.



Now you bodybuilders and physique chasers out there are going to be far from dissapointed; we've got all the pin loaded and plate loaded machines from your big name brands, you'll even find some specialty equipment we're sure you won't find in a regular globo gym.


First off, is it really a gym without dumbbells? All of our facilities are packed with sufficient bench press stations, as we know how Monday nights get! We're also packing IPF spec benches and dumbbells over 50kgs.


You won't be caught waiting to get some cable curls or tricep pushdowns here! We've got two huge cable setups to give you all the cables you could need; no matter the time!



A great place to start if you're just getting into training, or to burn some calories. Traditional cardio is boring. That's why we've got rowers, ski-ergs, curved runners and Airdyne bikes. If you don't know what they are, then let us show you.


Sometimes you just need to hit something. These bags are here to keep you out of trouble. If that's not fun enough for you, we've got classes for you to hit them along with your mates.


Like a spin class, but you get to work your upper body as well. Find out what all the fuss is about with these Airdyne bikes. Cardio doesn't have to be boring.



Choose between a farmers walk, a sled, a strongman yoke, lunge it with a barbell on your back, or simply just sprint it.


We know how boring stretching and rolling out can be. So we've given you a hell of a good view while doing it. Overlooking Princes Highway, the gym floor, and awesome artworks on the walls. No more excuses here.


Speed up recovery, detoxification, relax, burn more calories, increase collagen production, the list goes on. If you haven't tried, or don't know what an infrared sauna is, don't miss out any longer. Our infrared sauna in Clayton can be booked " HERE " on the website or phone us up.

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A combination of basic Olympic Weightlifting movements, and Hiit style circuit. This class is both fun and challenging. Very suitable for those who want to learn the basics of weightlifting, and get a sweaty workout at the same time. physically torturing and mentally challenging.
Duration: 60min


A super high intensity 30min blast on a Airdyne Bike. The bike is powered by both your arms and legs against air resistance. Which means this is a full body hiit session, instead of predominately the lower body on a standard bike. Your instructor has over 6 years of industry experience, and has competed in multiple triathlon events.
Duration: 30min


High intensity interval training is a class based workout program; focusing on the use of light resistance and bodyweight exercises to get your heart pumping and calories burning to the maximum potential! Come and try one out, they're guaranteed to improve your day in just 45 minutes.
Duration: 45mins


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During these hours, our strength specialist Josh Balia is available and on the floor for form correction, coaching tips & to answer your questions regarding strength lifts. Josh is a competitive IPF Powerlifter, and coach. He's had experience coaching many elite level lifters and is one himself. He has a Bachelor in Ex. Science, and is current a Bachelor of Psychology student.
Duration: 90min


Utilising suspension trainers and rings, Core RX classes work to help you achieve the best stability and look that your core can offer you! You will twist and you will turn, your stabilisers will be challenged and your erectors will be fired up; this is the perfect class for athletes looking to build up their trunk.
Duration: 60min


A fun, butt-kicking 75min training session.
Have fun, get fit, and learn Thai Kick Boxing.
Why the hell not?
Duration: 75min

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Every member is entitled to a complimentary trainer consultation upon sign up; our trainer will answer any questions you have regarding your training. We do also have the equipment for a Bio Electrical Analysis of your body. For $30 and 10mins of your time, we can find out information such as your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass & distribution, visceral fat level and your overall fitness age. A great tool to track your results with solid numbers.


It’s hard to see the full picture being inside the frame, therefore even the best athletes need a coach. you always need to take care when taking advice from standard trainers as the industry standard isn't high. TD requires all of our coaching staff to have minimum of 2 years industry experience, or education. From S&C coaches, Sports Science graduates to Master Rehab trainers, so you know you're in good hands.


Detoxify, muscle recovery, increased metabolism, more collagen production the list goes on. While a regular sauna heats the air around you, an infrared sauna heats you directly therefore the effects are multiplied. At the same time, much more bearable. Perfect for post training, relax, turn on some music, sit back and enjoy. A 45min session can be booked online, over the phone or in person. A discounted rate of $15 apply for all members, or $25 for non-members.


All classes are internally programed by us to ensure they are effective and friendly. They are unique, and are targeted at different components of fitness. Great for those who enjoy a friendly community, and the personalized attention from a trainer. Something we hear very often after the class is "I hate you, I hate this class. I'll see you next week."

A fitter workplace, is a more productive workplace.
For all corporate inquiries, please contact us directly on

Extra information about our Clayton Gym: Clayton Gym Membership

Training Day Clayton’s gym offers a variety of membership options that will suit your personal needs. The services you need access to will determine the ideal membership package for you. For instance, you can opt for a monthly body scan and program update, or be apart of our TD Barbell crew to learn Powerlifting or Olympic Weightlifting, led by our national level coaches. We also offer a variety of payment options and you can sign up via our online membership gateway, or in person with a friendly staff.

The Gym

Training Day Clayton has created an inclusive and welcoming training environment with a wide variety of both user-friendly equipment, as well as professional strength training gear. You can gain access to a vast selection of free weights, bumper plates and calibrated weight plates, specialty barbells, pin loaded strength training equipment, the ‘playground’ for functional training, or the good old cardio equipment. There are always qualified instructors and coaches in our Clayton gym. Actually that is an understatement, some of our trainers and coaches are the best national level athletes the country can offer, from Commonwealth Games athletes, Junior world record holders, specialized nutritionists, the list goes on. We monitor the various components of your health and performance to determine improvements and guide you accordingly. Our programs are tailored to factor in your ability, preferences, goals and injuries.

Recovery Space

We have infrared saunas, compression recovery boots, bands and foam rollers to ensure that you focus on the area that is usually neglected at our Clayton gym. Training Day takes your recovery just as seriously as your training.

Lifting Area

13 lifting platforms in total, 17 squatting stations, 6 bench presses out of which most are built to competition spec. TD is a home for barbells, from Eleiko Powerlifting Bars, Weightlifting Bars, Rogue Power and Deadlifting

bars, trap bars, swiss bars, safety squat bars, axle bars to curl bars. If you can name another one, we’ll get one. Whether you want a personalised program, group training, lifting for strength, or desire the health benefits of our infrared sauna, Training Day is the place to enrol.

Call us today if you need a gym Clayton based, that ticks all the boxes, we will see you at the ‘bar’.