Benefits of Powerlifting in Mulgrave at Our 24-Hour Gym

When you come into Training Day Gym, you’ll see a limited number of cardio machines. Why? We focus on strength and functional training because, quite frankly, cardio can be a waste of your time. Whatever cardio can do, powerlifting can do better, and it often provides benefits cardio can’t.

Why Powerlifting Is Better than Cardio

Do you know why gyms surround cardio equipment with TVs and why the machines have platforms to hold a book, phone, or tablet? Because cardio is boring! If you don’t have something to occupy your mind during a cardio workout, you won’t make it.

Our powerlifting gym provides a dynamic workout so you have no time to be bored. You will be too busy pushing your limits and challenging yourself. Our 24-hour gym offers camaraderie, too, since our strength trainers love to help and encourage each other. What’s more interactive: walking on a treadmill with earbuds blocking out the world or being cheered when you complete the seemingly impossible?

Even though cardio is boring, it burns more calories, right? Wrong! During the session, cardio may use more calories, but powerlifting creates a long-term calorie burn that provides you with a bigger benefit. You continue to burn extra calories long after the workout is over. It builds muscle everywhere, and muscle burns calories even when you sleep.

But I’m a woman, and lifting will give me bulky muscles like a man. Wrong again. Women lack the testosterone to build huge muscles, and training techniques differ between building muscles and building strength. Men who want to go big use weights and they max out after 8-10 reps. Women who want to use weights max out after 12-15 reps, becoming stronger and creating definition without bulking up.

I’m worried about my cardiovascular health, so I need to do at least a half an hour of cardio three times per week! Really? Cardio is the only kind of workout that is good for your heart? The secret is, all exercise is good for your heart. The trick to increasing your cardiovascular endurance during powerlifting is to shorten your rest periods between sets. Instead of doing a set of squats, resting, then another set, you can jump between muscle groups. You rest your quads as you work your tris and your tris get rest as you work your delts.

Live in Mulgrave? Try Our 24-Hour Gym

If you live in Mulgrave and want a friendly and supportive gym, you should visit our new facility in Clayton. We hate excuses for not working out. We offer a 24-hour gym so you can never say, “I don’t have time to exercise.”

We get it; committing to a new gym can be scary. That’s why we offer a free 7-day pass, so you have no more excuses. Get off your bum, contact Training Day, and start making a stronger you today.