Advantages of a 24-Hour Gym and Body Fat Scan in Mount Waverly

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Body Fat Scans in Mount Waverly

The scale doesn’t ever give you a complete picture, and don’t even pay attention to your BMI. Their failure to give you useful insights into your health is what makes a body fat scan a helpful tool for tracking your progress instead.

Not all kilograms are created equal. The number on the scale doesn’t mean much. Some people notice they gain weight when they first start a training program. A weight gain can be expected for a couple of reasons. First, neglected muscles are dehydrated, so when you start an exercise program your muscles will suck up water so they can efficiently utilise energy.

You may also see an uptick on the scale because muscle weighs more than fat. As you train and increase muscle and decrease fat, the number on the scale may stall out or increase. Having a body fat scan can keep you motivated even when other numbers don’t budge.

A few decades ago, BMI was the gold standard to determine a healthy weight, but it doesn’t take body composition into consideration. Plenty of healthy people measure in the overweight and obese range because it doesn’t distinguish between fat, muscle, and bone.

Yes, You Need Body Fat

Some people can get a little bit obsessed with reducing body fat, but it’s actually important for a variety of functions. For example, just like blubber on a whale, your fat works as insulation to help your body maintain your temperature. We would never call your body fat blubber, though.

Certain vitamins, A, D, E and K to be exact, require fat to dissolve and be transported to where your body uses them. If you don’t have enough fat, you could become vitamin-deficient. Vitamin A is important for healthy eyes and a deficiency can cause night blindness. You need vitamin D for strong bones and a lack can cause bone pain and muscle weakness. Vitamin E is necessary for sending nerve impulse, so a deficiency creates neurological problems. A lack of vitamin K can cause you to bleed, bruise, and bleed some more.

Body fat is also important to producing hormones. A lack of fat can send your systems into a state of unbalance. Having a low body fat percentage can cause your libido to plummet. Is having a super low fat percentage worth it if you don’t feel like flaunting it for anybody?

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