Get aMembership at Training Day Gym Near Malvern for 24 Hour Access to Fitness Facilities, Powerlifting, Infrared Sauna and Much More!

Do you remember when you were little, the top fitness celebrities and exercise gurus on television? Skinny as a stick, they tried to teach your family how to get a healthy, toned body. They were invariably wearing a headband to absorb sweat that nobody could see, and a leotard that made them look as though they were in dire need of protein. How they panted and puffed, as they jumped on the spot, flailing their arms about wildly. At the same time, they exclaimed their exercise commands and motiving mottos over urban pop music, while counting numbers and forcing a smile.

They wrote books with workout instructions, advice on low-calorie food, and tips to optimally burn fat. And they started fitness centres of which some still exist today. While their methods worked for some, most viewers didn't adhere to their program long. On the contrary, thirty years later, Australians continue to get more overweight and unhealthy. What is wrong with us?

Not a matter of discipline

The answer you'll hear most often to this question is that it's "simply" a matter of discipline. To get what you want, you need self-control, perseverance, even stubbornness. Strangely, almost everyone have these traits. Even when still young, you can already achieve a lot. So, if discipline is simple, how come not everyone is fit and strong?

It's hardly for lack of nutrition advice. Every commercial spot on television will tell you what does or doesn't contain calories, fat or sugar. Neither is it for lack of fitness centres, offering cardio training at rock-bottom prices. What does it take to make the necessary lifestyle changes and stick to a diet and exercise? At Training Day Gym, we know the secret.

The answer lies at our 24 hour gym near Malvern

Just take your bike to our Burwood 24 hour gym from your Malvern home. Did you know that the route is quite scenic? Especially if the weather permits, the Gardiners Creek Trail and the Anniversary Outer Circle Trail invite pedalling. Once you arrive at our gym and open the doors, you'll notice that people here are smiling. Those aren't rehearsed television grins, but the consequence of satisfaction, because our methods work. Also, we admit we're rather proud of this because exercising at our gym is fun.

You'll find out that Training Day Gym is more than just a cardio-training facility or a powerlifting gym near Malvern, but that's not the secret. Neither is it our infrared sauna for Malvern residents, offering soothing relaxation after a workout.

The magic method which will ensure that you stick to both a nourishing and healthy diet plus some great exercise possibilities is a personalised approach. Every person is different, and this is the simple reason why something that works for an exercise guru doesn't necessarily work for you. Contact us, or visit us. Allow us to assess your present body shape, and to listen to your wishes. For any resident of Malvern, our gym membership will be the solution.

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