Different Strokes - Update

Hi Everyone


It is now just over a year since I shared my story with you and since I resumed my “Training Day” membership, which was on hold since I suffered a stroke in early 2014 leaving me with right arm/hand and leg weakness. Since then I have averaged three visits a week and have made encouraging physical progress especially with my balance, hand movement and general stamina. No miracles but you don't expect that with strokes; you learn to be happy with what you get.

It is also over a year since I last wore my leg brace, and without the rigidity it imposes, my walking is better with respect to ankle and knee flexibility. I have also improved my ability to walk without my stick, though I have a long way to go in this respect and, realistically, probably will never be able to do without it entirely.


Last but not least, as you would all doubtless know from your own experiences, the gym work is very positive for my mental state and mood.


Away from exercise, I have joined the Stroke Association, and Booroondara Stroke support Group with the object of using my experience to help others and to raise awareness of strokes in the broader community.

I have had an article printed in ”Stroke Talk” and others are in the pipeline. I am finalising an account of my personal stroke journey and hope to have it published, to further these aims.


My thanks and compliments to the Management and staff of T.D. who have done a first class job of building up a fine facility at Burwood. I'm sure Clayton will be great too.

My thanks also to the many of you who have helped me to move things or adjust equipment at times, and for the encouraging comments I often receive, ranging from ”you're a legend” (not true but nice all the same) to comments on my walking or other improvement.



Training Day