The Benefits of VitD3 Gym Supplements



If you want to keep your brain working at full speed, build muscle, lose fat, get stronger, live longer and be healthier overall, then you need to have adequate levels of Vitamin D.   We have been living with days of short sunlight in the wintery Melbourne climate, which means, most of us could use some Vitamin D.


Vitamin D is absorbed by the body in response to sun exposure or via supplementation.  A 2007 study found that 75% of woman and 51% of men over the age of 65 had low levels of Vitamin D.


Recommended daily intake of Vitamin D for adults is around 5,000 IU per day.  Oe 35,000IU twice a week. 


Here are a list of reasons why you should be supplementing with Vitamin D. 

1.       Bone Health

2.       Muscle Strength

3.       Lean Body Mass

4.       Treatment of Psoriasis and Skin Disorders

5.       Blood sugar regulation

6.       Prevention of MS

7.       Cancer Prevention

8.       Asthma Treatment

9.       Male reproductive health

10.   Cardiovascular Health

11.   Brain Health

12.   Fetal Brain Development

13.   Female Reproductive and Maternal Health

14.   Treatement of depression

15.   Kidney health,

16.   Treatment of hypertension

17.   Prevention of obesity

18.   Prevention of infections


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