Do You Have Lower Back Pain During Squats and Deadlifts?

Trang Nguyen, 19 Mar 2018

During squats and deadlifts, one of the most common injury sites is the lower back - And this is often quite debilitating because it can have a high rate of re-occurrence and force you to have time-off.

Lower back pain can be difficult to fix, because it can have multiple causative factors. If you are feeling your lower back during or after squats and deadlifts, check:

1.      Your technique

Of course, poor technique will load the spine excessively. Make sure you have a neutral spine during your squats and deadlifts, and that there is no rounding or arching throughout your reps.


2.      Muscle activation

Many lifters can lift big weights but struggle to activate their core and glutes on demand. Get these muscles strong and it will help to offload the back muscles during your lifts. Plus these powerful muscles will allow you to lift more!

3.      Lumbo-pelvic co-ordination

Practice isolated pelvic movements (Anterior and posterior pelvic tilting) because if you don’t have the coordination in standing, how are you going to stabilise your spine under a heavy barbell?

4.      Your daily postures

Even if you’re practising the above religiously, but still slump at your desk or lift things at home by bending and twisting your back without bracing properly, the other 23 hours of your life will override 1 hour of ‘good’ technique at the gym.


Try these tips to get your lower back pain under control! Goodluck!

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