Training Day Gym 2017 Overall Top 30 Visiting Members


We have double checked these figures, they are to our knowledge very accurate. Double tag scans, or multiple tag scans during one gym visit does not count (so don't bother trying :P), and visits with 20mins or less have not been counted. So yes, many of those in the top 10 came in daily and some times two or three times per day.
A huge congratulations to the top three, Lawrence, Elisha and Kat! We have three special trophies and gifts made for the three of you, and you'll be receiving a call from us once they're ready to be picked up!
Our previous record for most visits in a year was 306, which has been absolutely smashed this year. 

If you've made it anywhere on the top 30 list, give yourself a pat on the back, as you are now an officially recognized gym junkie, and also for making the rest of us look lazy.

Looking forward to see if anyone can top it this year.

Training Day