Training Day Gym Burwood - Strength Challenge

First week starts on 1st of May!

After the four weeks. The total kilograms of all seven lifts will be combined. There will be two winners:
1. The highest strength to body weight ratio
2. The most amount of weight lifted
To sign up, there will be a section for you to put your own name down on the hallway whiteboard. A section will be up for both guys and girls.
You are to complete your best 1 rep max for each lift before the end of each week. 
Week 1 - 1st to 7th
Week 2 - 8th to 14th
Week 3 - 15 to 21st
Week 4 - 22 to 28th
Number of attempts are unlimited, but for lifts to be counted, they need to be either seen by a staff, or posted on Instagram and tag @trainingdaygym. 
The month of May, you find out how strong you are. Good luck, and have fun!

Winners' prizes: $100 Rebel Sport voucher + Training Day merchandise.

Training Day