TD's Fittest Challenge; Winter 2016

No you don’t have to be an athlete or be as strong as a beast to be in it, it’s a fun ride to challenge your own fitness, plus it’s free for all members!

Every start of the week a new challenge will be released. You will not know what they are beforehand.

You have exactly 7 days to complete every challenge, you can attempt it multiple times. 

- You will not know other challengers’ scores before they are released at the end of every week.

Every attempt WILL be monitored by us, in person, or by viewing a video (if we are busy at the time) and we WILL be strict on counting the reps.

Every component of fitness will be included over the 5 weeks. Strength, muscular endurance, cardio fitness, functionality and a mixture of all of them.

Scores will be given every week based on your placing compared to other challengers.

Top 3 males and females will be selected to compete face to face for a final showdown.

Winners’ prize: $200 Rebel Sport gift voucher + Exclusive TD T-shirt. Most importantly, be crowned as TD’s Fittest.


For the few of you who think you have a chance to take TD’s Fittest title this winter, good luck!


Training Day