Top Tip for a Better Squat: Mobility

Poor Mobility is an extreme limiting factor when it comes to squatting. Simply not being able to externally rotate your hips can affect your squat drastically. Here are some mobility drills that may improve your squatting experience.

Couch Stretch – the name for this stretch was coined by none other than mobility guru, Dr. Kelly Starrett. This stretch is excellent for hip flexor mobility consistently doing this stretch may help you from leaning excessively forward in your squat. 

How To: Press your shin up against a wall/couch/box etc. Put your other leg in front of you like a lunge, then thrust lightly with your glute and slowly feel the stretch at the front of your hip. Remember to do this stretch slow and controlled so you don’t injure your hip flexor. This is can also be a great stretch for your quadriceps.


Stiff Legged Deadlift Stretch – Instead of using a barbell, begin with one of our wooden sticks at the desk, gradually add weights if necessary. 

How To: Press the stick against your quads and push your hips back. Slowly push the bar down your legs whilst simultaneously pushing your hips/butt further back, and look forward to the best of your abilities. You should feel a strong stretch in your hamstrings. Remember to keep your back tight and keep the stick close to your legs.


Standard Calf Stretch – There are many good ways you can stretch your calves. Here are some examples:

Glute/Hip Stretch – This stretch can be great for squatting and deadlifting mobility. It can be challenging if you’ve never done anything like it before.

How to:  Just place your foot on a surface just below hip height such as a bench or wooden boxes, and lightly pull your foot in towards your groin, whilst leaning forward to the opposite side of the glute being stretched.

There are many more great stretches you can do, simply search the net! However you cannot rush flexibility, and it takes consistency.

Stretch away and Hakuna Masquata (it means nice booty) ;)


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