Do You Have Knee Pain?

By Matthew Anderson 13/12/2016

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Pain at the front of the knee can be the result of multiple conditions with one such condition being patellar tendinopathy. This condition often presents with pain at the lower aspect of the knee cap and can be aggravated by activities such as jumping, deep squats and prolonged sitting.  

Patellar tendinopathy can develop due to several factors including changes in training load, issues along the kinetic chain or movement patterns that excessively load the patella tendon.  

Early rehabilitation can incorporate isometric loading of the tendon which can have the ability to reduce and manage pain intensity. Isometric exercises may include the use of a knee extension machine or Spanish squats.  

Previous patellar tendinopathy rehabilitation programs supported a ‘decline squat program’ however more recent research has indicated greater patient satisfaction with ‘heavy-slow programs’ that have incorporated leg presses and squats. Importantly rehabilitation needs to ensure the tendon adapts to high impact loading such as plyometric exercises. Issues along the kinetic chain must also be treated to ensure long term benefits. 

Prior to commencing any rehabilitation, it is recommended to have a thorough physiotherapy assessment to diagnose patella tendinopathy and ensure a specific and progressive rehabilitation program is developed. 

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