Looking for a 24-Hour Gym Membership with an Infrared Sauna and Classes in Camberwell? Training Day is the Fitness Centre for You

Training Day Gym strives to create an environment where everybody is encouraged to challenge and push their boundaries to reach goals they didn’t think possible. If you are looking for a Camberwell fitness centre with a fun and dynamic atmosphere where you see and feel results for your efforts, try our gym in Camberwell with a 7-day free guest pass. The barriers you push through in here will give you the strength and confidence to push through the barriers out there.

Anatomy of a Sore Muscle

One of the barriers you’ll be pushing through while here is “The Burn”. Let’s talk about what causes the burn. When you push yourself, your body undergoes a process called fermentation. Yes, fermentation is also the process by which yeast turns into alcohol in your beer, but our bodies don’t make alcohol. (Too bad. Everybody would want to work out if they did.) Instead, our bodies produce lactic acid, which makes your muscles sore.

Lactic acid, like other acids, is corrosive, so it creates little tears and burns in your muscle tissue, which is why you feel sore for a couple of days after a hard session. Don’t worry, though: that damage is what makes you stronger. When your body repairs the muscles from the lactic acid damage, it makes your muscles better than they were before.

If you live in Camberwell, our gym classes in Burwood are right around the corner. Our classes are a fun and energetic way to make some sore muscles and friends. Our members enjoy the fellowship of pushing each other to reach goals. If competition is more your driving force, check out our club records.

Pamper Yourself with Our Infrared Sauna in Camberwell

We have a little trick up our sleeves to help you conquer sore muscles. Actually, it isn’t little, and it won’t fit up our sleeves because we’re talking about our infrared sauna near Camberwell. Our sauna pampers you after a job well done and allows you to take care of those tired muscles.

You don’t want to let your muscles get too sore, or else you’ll use them as an excuse to stop training. We hate excuses. Cold muscles are stiff and create more tenderness than warm and supple muscles. A few minutes in our sauna increases your circulation and prepares your muscles for training.

Time in the sauna after a session helps your muscles recover because the increased blood flow reduces inflammation. The relaxing effects also help your body release stress. Who doesn’t need to do that? You can use the sauna session as a time to pamper your body and mind.

Like we said, we hate excuses. That’s why we offer a 24-hour gym near Camberwell. You can’t use time as an excuse. Get off your couch in Camberwell and get a gym membership today. If you have any questions, contact Training Day and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.