Looking for a 24 Hour Fitness Centre near Box Hill? Why Training Day Gym is More Fun than all Other Gyms

Are you browsing Box Hill gyms on the internet, and finding it difficult to decide? A quick search for "24 hour gym box hill" will provide nearly two dozen addresses. It should be easy to pick the one which suits you best, yet you find it impossible. Perhaps you've even noted down what each fitness centre offers and the price for their services. A clear table should give you immediate insight, but it doesn't. Consider why this is the case.

What does the average 24 hour gym in Box Hill offer you?

  • Professional employees;
  • A nutritionist to give calorie counting advice;
  • Exercise bikes, ellipticals, treadmills and yoga mats;
  • Dance sessions;
  • Open 24/7;
  • Close to your home, and with the parking area providing ample space;
  • Low-priced membership fee.

If all the Box Hill gyms present nearly the same facilities and plan, then it's impossible to make up your mind, because none stand out. Are you the kind of person who says they want a slice of cake but would be inclined to take the plane to Sydney and buy a "little garden" at Reynold Poernomo's Koi dessert bar? Do you prefer a personal approach to mindlessly huffing, puffing and counting meaningless kilometres on the treadmill? Then no ordinary Box Hill fitness centre will meet your expectations. You will only find what you are looking for at Training Day Gym. You'll find us - no, not in Sydney - but in nearby Burwood or Clayton.

What do we offer you at Training Day Gym?

  • We have been operating since June 2012;
  • A positive and motivating attitude which is highly contagious;
  • A fun place to be;
  • We're controversial. It's evident if you use cake to compare fitness centres with each other;
  • Dieticians who are not only professional but - more importantly - know from their own experience what the best methods are to get rid of excess weight and to build muscle instead;
  • A cardio room which is far from traditional, plus additional areas with dumbbells, bumper plates, tyres, squat racks, and much more to get your entire body fit and strong (which works wonders on your confidence, by the way);
  • Military Fit, dynamic yoga, Muay Thai, Tabata, HIIT and many other classes;
  • In-house competitions;
  • An infrared sauna;
  • 24-hour access;
  • Two locations close to your home. Our parking has enough space, but we prefer you get there by bike;
  • A confident, enthusiast and motivated you. No, the training doesn't become easier; it's simply you who are becoming better;
  • Affordable Flexi Access or Access Plus membership but request a free 7-day guest pass first.

Do not hesitate, join us today in Burwood, or if you prefer to take a lengthy ride, in Clayton. Start with a complete body scan with the Evolt 360 Ecosystem which measures much more than just your weight and body fat. Have a taste of our excellent training services. You'll notice the difference soon, just as there's a difference between ordinary cake and a dessert from Koi.