Looking for a Gym Membership or Fitness Centre with 24 Hour Access? Explore Training Day in Blackburn

Are you one of the many who have become fed-up with your regular commercial fitness centre? Does your current routine seem as enticing as a crust of dry bread? If you’re ready to experience Blackburn gyms with a unique, young, and vibrant feel, complete with colourful weights and urban artworks, our 24 hour gym near Blackburn may be just the ticket.

Why do I need a Blackburn Gym Membership?

We all realise how vital keeping fit, strong, and healthy is, however stories of falling into a stale rut with a routine and environment that no longer inspires and lacks the joy of moving our bodies, are all too familiar. At Training Day Gym, our philosophy is that a Blackburn fitness centre should be a recreational space with a down to earth culture where training is fun and positive creating terrific spin-offs in the other areas of our lives.

At our Blackburn gyms, your satisfaction is our priority. Apart from 24 hour access and obvious lack of any traditional cardio gym equipment; we also offer many types of classes, an infrared sauna, private training, products, and supplements. Additionally, we’ll assist you with a body composition scan and analysis and always keep the excitement going with regular in-house competitions. We believe in our vibe and energy of fun, pushing through, and understanding how feeling fantastic will influence other areas of your life positively. The supportive yet challenging atmosphere of a training centre goes a long way in maintaining your gusto for fitness and strength. That’s why we love to work and play hard, keeping our standards high and our squats low.

What A Training Day Blackburn Gym Membership Can Mean to You

Not only do we offer strength training, cross training, and sports improvement but we feel confident that everyone will adore our infrared sauna and the benefits of our flexible memberships with no lock-in contracts. At Training Day, you’ll also find elite level training equipment such as IPF spec powerlifting benches, bars, and plates as well as premium Olympic weightlifting bars, bumpers, and platforms to give you the best strength training available.

It makes sense that having a stronger body helps us enjoy life to the fullest, but we also know that spending hours on mundane cardio machines will suck the life right out of you! With a Training Day gym membership, we know that you will benefit from our team’s industry experience and our strength training coaches who have first-hand experience in national level competitions.

If you’re feeling riotous and need to blow off some steam after a mind-numbing day behind the computer, or that random comment from the boss; our outdoor area will help you get rid of your frustration and pent-up energy in a flash. We even have a boxing room where you’re welcome to stick a photo of anyone who gives you grief.

Why not get in touch with us today, whether you’re interested in our rehabilitation training specialists, nutritional consultations or have questions about joining us for strength training? Our staff want you here and will be happy to answer your questions or show you around.