A 24-Hour Strength Gym for the 21st Century is Now Near Ashwood

Good news: you’re not a hamster, so you don’t have to like treadmills.

Since the beginning of time, Ashwood gyms have followed the universal recipe for misery: a ton of cardio machines, some pulley-controlled weight machines, and a free weight section shoved off in the corner. When you add drab walls, poor ventilation, and unfriendly members and staff, it’s no wonder traditional gym memberships so often go purchased but unused. Who would want to be there? Where’s the culture, the motivation?

Even if your local gym has got you down, a reasonable disdain for rudimentary repetitive motion is no excuse for missing your fitness goals. You only have one body, so make sure it’s the healthiest one it can be at Training Day Gym, where we bring comprehensive fitness well into the 21st century.

Our 24-hour gym near Ashwood is a welcoming and motivating environment that accommodates any schedule and is invested in supporting your personal success. Leave the cliché goals to “trim and tone” behind and get serious about total body fitness at this top-rated strength gym for Ashwood.

A Strength Gym for Ashwood Millennials, Competitors, and You

Proper training for any athletic endeavour depends on building strength. A gym near Ashwood should motivate and support you in your goals and meet you at your level. We have elite-level training equipment, including those for IPF spec powerlifting and premium Olympic weightlifting. Regardless of your level of comfort, you should find support and excitement at your local gym.

If you’re in Ashwood looking for a 24-hour gym, come in for an initial body composition scan and analysis to establish a starting point. Based on your goals, we’ll connect you to our highly qualified in-house training team with specialised focuses in nutrition and rehabilitation. Next, we assist you in developing a training plan that fits your schedule and goals.

Complement your fitness routine with motivating group classes, private training sessions, and facility-wide competitions all led by our phenomenal team. Each trainer has a minimum of three years experience. Some have graduate level degrees or experience as national-level competitors. All are enthusiastic about helping you reach your highest level of fitness. After a good workout, take some time to rejuvenate in our infrared sauna before you leave the gym for Ashwood.

Not Your Average Training day at the Gym

We’re driven by passion at Training Day Gym and strongly believe stagnation is death. Not only do we empower our members to continually improve their health, fitness, and athletic statuses, we turn that expectation around on ourselves. In a fast-paced world where science, technology, medicine, and their interconnectedness are constantly advancing, it’s imperative that we stay abreast of these evolutions, implement them into our 24-hour gym, and facilitate access to our members. This means our facility and team is committed to continual improvement and we welcome feedback on how best to achieve this.

If your Ashwood gym hasn’t changed anything after a year, get out of your contract. They’re running a business driven by profits, not by passion for health and fitness, and the facility is unlikely to effectively support you in your strength training or athletic goals. Instead, call to tour Training Day Gym, where pay-as-you-go membership without soul-sucking contracts can put you on the right track to health, fitness, and athletic success.