Without sunlight, every living thing on Earth would die. Infrared makes up around 2% of all the sunlight.  Infrared is the good stuff, no skin burning, cancer causes ultraviolet here.  So, Infrared Sauna is a way to take in some good rays, without the damaging UV.

Our body easily absorbs infrared light to a depth of 45mm creating a deep, penetrating heat that relaxes, soothes and loosens sore joints and muscles.  Conventional steam saunas heat the air to extreme levels yet only penetrate our body 5 – 10mm.

And Yes, you can do absolutely nothing and burn the calories. How? Our body uses energy to produce sweat. One gram of sweat requires the burn of 0.586 kcal.  A moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off up to 1000gms or more in a sauna session - the equivalent to running 10-15 km.

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Here are 5 of many reasons why you should use it:

1. Increased metabolism. It’s some times called “passive cardio” as it raises your heart rate in a way that is similar to exercise. A 30 minute session can burn about 600 calories.

2. Detoxifies heavy metals, BLA, PCB and other toxins. 20-40 minnutes in the infrared sauna can help with detoxifying arsenic, lead, mercury and xenobiotics such as BPA.

3. Good for your skin. Infrared sauna increases the production of collagen.

4. Relaxation & stress reduction. The release of “feel good” neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. That’s why you always feel amazing after a session.

5. Last but not least, muscle recovery. Infrared heat penetrates into sore muscles and joints, increasing the flow of nutrients, glucose, amino acids, fatty acids and oxygen to the area while removing lactic acid and other metabolic byproducts.



Find out your:

- Body fat %

- Lean muscle mass %

- Visceral fat content

- Muscle distribution

- Overall fitness score / age 

You've been training hard, but no changes to your weight, does this mean you haven't progressed?

You look lean on the outside, but what about the visceral fat around your organs? 

Is one of my leg / arm more muscular than the other? 

You no longer have to guess the answers to those questions.

Evolt is the Australian owned brand behind the most innovative health, fitness and wellbeing technology, the Evolt 360. After years of market validation and technology innovation, a new era of testing is finally here. Health, fitness and wellbeing enthusiasts can access their goal based progress in an online environment to measure their success.


The Evolt 360 Ecosystem consists of a body composition analyser, which utilises an eight electrode multifrequency segmental analysis known as Biometrical Impedance Analysis.

Get access to over 40 different measuring parameters such as Skeletal Muscle Mass, Total Body Water, Bone Mineral Content, Protein, Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat Levels and Segmental Analysis, B.M.R and Total Energy Expenditure , Age Match to Body (fitness age) and much much more!

The Evolt 360 uses a scientifically validated test known as Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). It is considered the fastest, non-invasive method of screening total body composition.

Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) works by passing a safe, low intensity electrical current through the body via the tactical points on the machine (feet and hands). In very basic terms, the resistance to flow of the current determines the difference between muscle mass, fat mass (including visceral and subcutaneous), water and mineral